Jeff Eaton (b.1984) is an American artist.


I'm here now.

I'm somewhere somewhat familiar but assuming a point of view I’ve never held.


It is cloudy for the moment, but actually hot enough that I immediately feel the warmth of the metal bench that I’m sitting on through my clothes, due to prolonged sun exposure.

















I feel a slight breeze on occasion, mostly against the back of my neck and causing my outgrown hair to brush the left side of my face. The wind is not blowing nearly hard enough for me to desire brushing my hair back out of my face. The effect isn’t disturbing, yet strong enough that I recognize it. It feels really nice.
















I hear the long dull sound of vehicles passing frequently across this view and along a moderately busy north-south road, approximately 500 feet away from my body.


I hear the constant spattering spray of water droplets falling steadily against the surface of a generously-sized decorative pond, caused by a fountain mechanism aggressively forcing water upward approximately 15 feet from the surface. The sound is steady and unobtrusive, almost soothing. I am fixating on it now, but it just as easily draws my attention to other sounds.













I hear faint bird chirps. These sounds are too indistinct for me to recognize any species in particular, but likely representing common birds of the area like robins, sparrows, and wrens.


Suddenly, I hear the sound of another bird - significantly louder and at a regular interval. It is the quacking of a duck that sounds so identical and regular that it seems unnatural. I realize that this is the iPhone “Duck” alarm tone indicating that the 15-minute timer that I started just before writing this has expired, and that I must stop.

© Jeff Eaton, 2017